We have a small herd of Alpacas, which we keep primarily for their fleece, they also assist us in keeping our grass mown and the hedges and trees trimmed! We shear then once a year in the early summer - (weather permitting!) from these shearings we produce our own luxurious knitting yarn which we sell in the shop.

Why not come and watch the Alpacas and their antics whilst indulging in coffee & cake in the coffee barn, you'll have a great view of the paddocks from the terrace. We try to ensure that some Alpacas are in the viewing paddocks at weekends, this depends on the amount of grass available. Please be aware we are not a petting farm & for bio security & insurance reasons you cannot get up close and personal with the Alpacas. We don't charge admission all we ask is that you partake in at a least a coffee whilst enjoying our facilities. They serve amazing coffee & cakes by the way!

cake art!more cake art!   coffee barn terrace                                             


Our pet boys are so funny to watch, they play fight - biting each others legs and intertwining necks, whilst trying to rugby tackle each other, all the local Rugby teams would be proud to have them on their team! When they tire of this play they will often spit at one another and run off! We often see Shockwave who's the smallest of all the Alpacas we've every bred, just bump into the others out of sheer devilment!

Shockwave needs a wash!

These antics are viewed with disgust by the females who are much more demure... Adelaide who is the matriarch of the herd and has possibly the most characterful features (Camel springs to mind... but whatever you do don't let her know as she thinks she's a super model!), can be seen looking down her nose and rolling her eyes at the boys antics. We know the Alpacas have long noses and look down them, but Adelaide just does it better than most!


Adelaide has fantastic leadership qualities and marches her troops into the field shelter during bad weather, and also lets us know when she wants to de camp to another paddock, she spends her time looking over the gate almost as if she's saying the grass is greener on the other side....

All of our Alpacas have very individual characters and can be great fun to watch.

Alpacas are very gentle and stress relieving, thats why we keep them here at Harefield!